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  1. Stormfury

    LEGO 2019

    Започваме с новините за 2019
  2. We would be happy if you or some of your LUG members would like to take part in our main event next year. Below is the official invitation. Hello, The Brickenburg Association RLUG from Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg/Claudiopolis, Transylvania, Romania, is happy to invite your LUG to our most important event of the 2019 which is going to take place in Cluj-Napoca between the 28th of May and the 2nd of June at the Ethnographic Museum of Transilvania. Details in short: - our LUG is sponsoring part of food and accommodation expenses for two of your LUG members; - the basic theme of the event is “Ethnologia Galactica”, but all collateral themed MOCs are welcomed; - the setting starts two days before the exhibition and the packaging two days after the exhibition, but changes may also be made during the time of the event; - participants must mention the precise days they want to join in the event; - every participant must be bringing a MOC but common works are accepted; - the participation confirmation deadline is the 31st of January 2019; - all the confirmed participation persons will be sent the accommodation forms to be filled in if needed; - Cluj-Napoca may be reached by car, bus, train or airplane - for any questions and details please write us on brickenburg@yahoo.com Best regards, Sever Alicu