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    LEGO has recently started selling the Boost Powered Up! components separately at LEGO.com, and earlier in the year I was sent a set of them to review. I wasn't sure how to do so at first, given that on their own they are not terribly exciting, until I had the idea of creating a Great Ball Contraption (GBC) module that used them in some way. I'm not the first to use the Boost hub for GBC but I've not seen much evidence of widespread use, probably for two reasons: you need a phone or tablet to be constantly connected to it, and because it's battery powered it's not really suitable for use at public displays over several days where machines are expected to run faultlessly non-stop in a circuit of continually flowing balls. So, if I was to make use of it and create something that could be used at displays I'd have to solve the power problem first. Luckily, I'm adept at wielding a soldering iron so it turned out to be relatively easy. Advisory: This article contains explicit images depicting mutilation and modification of LEGO pieces. If you are of a nervous disposition, do not read any further. Continue reading » © 2019 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. View the full article
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