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    The Dark Knight & Harvey Dent Bane & Dr. Johnathan Crane
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    Здравейте, Тъй като си нямаме такъв магазин в България едва ли някога ще можем да се докопаме до някой от тези модели. Напоследък гледам, че пускат за разни модели/теми така наречените събития в официални магазини в които като си построиш моделчето остава за теб. Понякога се намира по някои добър човек да сподели инструкции, а понякога не и само има снимка на построения модел. Реших да отворя темата, тъй като се очакват две такива събития и моделите ще са на Harley и дърво. Еквивалентите им се сещате кои са. По натам ще добавя и от изминалите. Когато се появят инструкции също ще бъдат споделяни тук, тъй като може някой да иска да си ги направи. Няма да е същото, но все пак. Ентусиастите могат и reverse build да направят.
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    Новата серия колекционерски фигурки 19
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    На следния линк можете да разгледате снимки от отминалото изложение на Brickenburg: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Asociatia-Brickenburg-122048247865082/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2365927820143769
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    Едно интересно дръвче от Monsinjor Dario Đipić‎. "The tree I made. Feel free to copy!" са думите на автора в една лего група.
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    LEGO has recently started selling the Boost Powered Up! components separately at LEGO.com, and earlier in the year I was sent a set of them to review. I wasn't sure how to do so at first, given that on their own they are not terribly exciting, until I had the idea of creating a Great Ball Contraption (GBC) module that used them in some way. I'm not the first to use the Boost hub for GBC but I've not seen much evidence of widespread use, probably for two reasons: you need a phone or tablet to be constantly connected to it, and because it's battery powered it's not really suitable for use at public displays over several days where machines are expected to run faultlessly non-stop in a circuit of continually flowing balls. So, if I was to make use of it and create something that could be used at displays I'd have to solve the power problem first. Luckily, I'm adept at wielding a soldering iron so it turned out to be relatively easy. Advisory: This article contains explicit images depicting mutilation and modification of LEGO pieces. If you are of a nervous disposition, do not read any further. Continue reading » © 2019 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. View the full article
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    It is Parts Fest time once more here at New Elementary. We have posted a lovely selection of new-for-2019 LEGO® elements to some of the most innovative, inspiring builders we know and love. This time our featured builders are from Ireland, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, USA, Poland, France and Sweden; each with their own style and techniques to bring to our parts festival. In this first post, we wanted to introduce the elements included in this parts festival. All the elements are new to 2019 and almost all are completely new element moulds. Without further ado, let's meet the elements. Continue reading »View the full article
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    Получихме покана за предстоящо изложение в Словения. Моля който има интерес да пише коментар в темата. We're planing one big exhibition »Planet kock« at 16.and 17. November in Ljubljana. Basic information are here: http://www.planetkock.si/index.php?lang=en All the updates about the event will be on the link above and also on LAN: https://lan.lego.com/forums/topic/2932-planet-kock-planet-bricks/ I hope you'll have time to come. I am also asking you, if you can please share this information to your LUG members on Forum and/or Facebook, and If someone will have time to come, It will be great. Please tell your members that they must first register as an exhibitor (https://forms.gle/kAcyZNcaNHBV2o1cA), then they will get an email with information how to apply their MOC and all the other information will follow. If you have any questions, please just ask. Thank you! Greetings from Slovenia, Gregor
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    Задава се нов сет.
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    The disappearance of Will Byers
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    Ако се съберем една кола, ще е супер бих участвал
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    Днес попаднах на много интересна техника за направа на цунами или по-малка вълна. За останалите снимки на техниката цъкнете на стрелката в дясно на снимката.
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    Overkill ! Видео с обяснение за модела. Инструкции могат да бъдат закупени от тук.
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    Нови тикви.
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    Появиха се и снимки на предстоящия сет.
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    Инструкции за мини харлито. Както може сами да видите моделчето съдържа и стикери, които са ексклузивни за този модел. Броя на частите и техните номера:
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    Time for the second part of our LEGO® Ideas 21318 Treehouse review, looking at the build. We covered its elements in part 1. In a great alteration to Kevin Freeser's original fan submission, which had a grey square base, César Soares' official version has an irregular green shape with a stream running through it. The stream is Dark Azure plate (including the 4x8, Element ID 6209672, its third appearance in sets) with a layer of Transparent 1x1 and 1x2 plates on top. New TransparentThis is actually the first set I’ve built containing the new transparent formula. We’ve not yet discussed this here on New Elementary but it was spotted a few months ago by many people. The LEGO Group (TLG) have changed the plastic used to make some - perhaps all - transparent colours. We know it used to be polycarbonate (PC) but we don’t know what the new one is; TLG are naturally cagey about revealing anything that might help their competitors or imitators. If you’ve ever put a load of transparent pieces together your fingers will have informed your brain that PC is harder and sharper than regular ABS pieces. These new ones hurt less; while not soft, the new plastic is softer to the touch than before. The new Transparent seems slightly yellower, slightly foggy and the surface is less glassy. By making a cube five plates thick of old and new Transparent 1x2 plates, I could easily see the difference (although I wonder if I would have noticed had I not already know? Click/tap image to enlarge these photographs, let us know your thoughts in the comments). Certainly when applying a single layer of them on top of coloured pieces, as is done in this model, the difference is in no way apparent. Our friend Jang of Jangbricks reports that he has noticed the change in the following colours: Transparent [TLG]/ Trans-Clear [BL] Transparent Light Blue/ Trans-Light Blue Transparent Blue/ Trans-Dark Blue Transparent Bright Orange/Trans-Orange Transparent Brown/ Trans-Black Transparent Bright Green/ Trans-Bright Green He hasn't yet seen it in Transparent Yellow, Red or Green and the fluorescents are difficult to judge but presumably they'll change too. Any of you noticed it in those? Jang also feels the sound of the new transparent has less "ring" to it. The situation can of course be used to your advantage if you keep your new Transparent parts separate and reserve them for situations where a slightly foggier, yellower effect is what you desire. Many have mentioned they find the change to Transparent Light Blue noticeable and that they intend to exploit this in models featuring water. But it’s a hassle to separate them, for minimal reward. People who like putting LEGO under black light will definitely be keeping them separate though. UV makes certain colours/formulations glow; the old formula did not glow but the new one does, as this video by BricksAhoy clearly demonstrates. Thanks to our 'Vibrant Coral' patrons: Big B Bricks, Dave Schefcik, David and Breda Fennell, Iain Adams, Huw Millington, Neil Crosby, Antonio Serra, Beyond the Brick, Sue Ann Barber & Trevor Clark, and Kevin Gascoigne. You're all awesome! You can also help us by doing what you perhaps do already - buying from Amazon. Amazon USA: Amazon.com Canada: Amazon.ca UK: Amazon.co.uk Deutschland: Amazon.de Search New Elementary Products mentioned in this post were kindly supplied by the LEGO Group. All content represents the opinions of New Elementary authors and not the LEGO Group. All text and images are © New Elementary unless otherwise attributed. View the full article
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    Custom Lego WARCRAFT Orcs Portal & Tower MOC Stop Motion Build Review Страшно добър мок!
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    Добре сполучливи глави са се получили в този Dexter duo pack от анимацията и сериала.
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    Много добре се е получило дървото и с допълнителните работи около него би паснало много добре в градски дисплей, градинка, парк или нещо такова.
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    Феновете на Star Wars, които не са могли да присъстват на SDCC вече могат да си построят модела, който е бил ексклузивен по време на събитието. Инструкции.
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    1:24 March 2-4-0 Formula 1. Alexandre Rossier
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    Направо съм влюбен в това. MFS-021 Chironex
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    Разноските за пътуване на членове от нашия клуб са били поемани за изложение на beokocka в белград 2 поредни години. Румънците ни канят на техни събития от както се познаваме с тях - от близо 10 години. В контакт съм с техния ambassador и мога да свържа всеки който има желание и интерес.
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    Доста по-голям модел на Balderich от DanielBrickSon.
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    Casey McCoy се е раздал и е създал част от карта на която може да се играе в играта. Много добре пресъздадена и много добри сцени. Разгледайте всички снимки като цъкнете на снимката.
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    И както днес пуснах двете снимки докато сменях някакви прозорци на компютъра и с периферното зрение виждам лего фигурка в launcher-a на blizzard и бях, хммм. Връщам се на картинката и какво да видя, наистина лего фигурка, веднага цъкам и пича направил горните творения пуснал stop motion анимация за къщурката, както и процеса на създаването на брадвата. Има невероятно добре направени неща в анимацията, а и това да се види в официално приложение на Blizzard само говори, че един ден 100% ще видим lego сетове на тази тематика.
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    Няколко модела с различен цвят и леки промени.
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    Здравейте, аз също намирам новото съдържание, със или без коментар за автора, за много интересно. Рядко публикувам и основно е каквото видя в reddit (не се засичаме с много от другите публикуващи така) а там често няма никакви детайли за автора. Номенклатурата понтеми ми харесва и следя на практика всичко, дори и rss-a.
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    Най после след четири години строене,рязане ,лепене и боядисване проектът е завършен!!!https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=ms.c.eJw90duNxUAIA9COVuZp6L~_xFRO4v0fGMImJhpOuLtpW9mcfdNBTMw8q~_ACy0CDYURUHjAfCDwqCKRWJA~%3BoAYjtK7G0xtYPGgGYtqE9H~%3BbaUdj3Q22L~_7nC~%3BhMu7w3gJT3~_gVxpe9JQWLCTeiNSNZPQk2L1A2Kx11YOYL1bGO730JQybaJRMx~_~_OFpsRdu9Iq89rRWUPa9OeBDsXPKeUmVcaULBdGwdMeqLqSwQAAdvYsiA9r4UmFjRn7fiCqbhoFnzBZb6YGS~%3Bh8bYAtyWkJqG8kcigR9c~_LpAyPyoD~%3BAflsnt4.bps.a.3125477217462737&type=1&__xts__[0]=68.ARAKBkF1T-k0t3NYqLDP9ybYYwUW3CddKFt6WyTO48H4lh8RTT6d2RXgbM2nWhoYcYRmEvqUU_wMqVQI4EDey-tOzD4YkB_XLfeCpqzm8xxZo2GAz6EQq5CDpYEOuHQowuBPbHQPEw1fBnySi0bEzr0BcKKIlaQPvg7CFTmzH7TZt7hBAfYSwzNaWonipwDWN8_52FYCisBOSEX2Vtkpc0n4dELlz_4mP00ETnFjx1qUM4XcTgaQR6Q3dqJzQ2-MfiAMIk0HBdwoOzkLmnXkRemVugrSNVTzHLUywj1HRL7J8Yhrqj6fPbZ3bkyUzqPxQOFtsNCR1IxylA2q8XqLytzRym-C_XK3Ij4tjXgHER-u4WrN9puRKW3Q3orHWB41RO8IAzByyL1gp58JUp0nA--KvDKE4_zL2Ts4-ZrClC1W39NWuubmPlD4_k-EB4vjXE1Nb15QickinAk9ZpKd&__tn__=HH-R
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    Неверояни сейф и шкаф за инструменти. Още няколко интересни инструменти за един гараж може да видите тук.
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    World of Warcraft MOC звучи супер! Аз съм сравнително оскъден откъм части, обаче притежавам това (LEGO 6057), което винаги ми е било гордост, понеже, ако не се лъжа, беше първият сет, който получих за една Коледа: Сердика беше първото голямо изложение, нали? Помня, че дисплеят беше много успешен, съдейки по това колко хора се снимаха с него като бях там.
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    BrickHeadz на следващо ниво.
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