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[RSS]: Now it's easier than ever to search Brickset


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Now it's easier than ever to search Brickset

The move to a new server recently has provided the opportunity to implement full text indexing on the database and finally address some of the complaints and user suggestions concerning searching.

For example, if you wanted to find 41360 Emma's Mobile Veterinary Clinic but didn't know its number or name you might try 'friends vet clinic', 'mobile clinic' or similar which in the past would not have yielded any results. Now, the search drop-down and search results list will display results containing one or more of the words, with the highest ranking ones -- those that are the closest match -- at the top.

So, a search for Galactic Scout will present sets called Galactic Scout at the top, and those with the words galactic or scout in them as well.

It also works for minifigs and parts, so if you're looking for round 2x2 bricks it doesn't matter whether you search for '2x2 round brick', 'brick 2x2 round', 'round brick 2x2' or in what order LEGO has used the terms in the part name, you'll get the same set of results.

The full text of news articles has also been indexed which has made it possible to find articles containing particular words or phrases.

It involved some fairly deep and complex changes under the hood, so I apologise if you experienced any unexplained errors this morning, and if you notice any anomalies do let me know so that I can address them.

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