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[RSS]: Designer insight: Rok Zgalin Kobe


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Designer insight: Rok Zgalin Kobe

Many LEGO set designers use our BrickLists feature to maintain a list of the sets they've worked on and often provide interesting insights about their involvement.

Once a week we publish an entry from one of their lists on the home page to increase awareness of this information and to encourage more designers to create them.

Rok Zgalin Kobe wrote this about their work on 10307 Eiffel Tower:

Just like how the original tower wasn’t designed by Gustave Eiffel, but initially conceived by three of his employees - the initial sketches and calculations of the proposed tower were made by office manager Emile Nouguier and engineer Maurice Koechlin in collaboration with architect Stephen Sauvestre; the initial LEGO concept model at this scale was designed by extremely talented LEGO designers, Nicolaas Vás and Joel Baker, with help from Alice Geiger. Nicolaas, Joel and Alice managed to find a perfect LEGO scale, that captured the tower in all its glory, but more importantly, helped convince all the relevant stakeholders that such a LEGO model would be incredibly attractive.

After their clever work that laid the foundations, I was tasked to make the LEGO model feasible. My wish at the time was to execute the final model so that it would look just as good as the concept one.

With models of such size, stability is a big concern, model must be easily moved around without any pieces falling off. This is where the expertise of model coach Charlotte Neidhardt ensures that the LEGO set is meeting and fulfilling all our high LEGO design standards.

The biggest challenge of a set this size was to make it buildable, to translate the final model into a logical flow of building instructions. To create a way which would be both intuitive, yet still leave room for a surprising building techniques, to be easy enough to follow without mistakes yet still challenging enough to be engaging throughout the build. This is done with the close collaboration with building instruction specialist Peter Lønbæk.

It became my goal, to marry a great LEGO execution with the design principles of the original tower. I tried to follow the structural principles of the original tower as closely as the LEGO System would allow. The load bearing trusses connected with LEGO clips, are placed just like on the original. The arches between the legs on the Eiffel tower are not load bearing, they are purely decorative – this is translated into the LEGO model as well, the arches connect from above to highlight that fact about the structure.

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