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Покана от Brickenburg за участие в тяхно изложение в Constanca, Румъния през август

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Копирам ви съдържанието на поканата, която получихме:




The event in Constanta will be open for the public between 11th - 27th of August.

It is a very large event during the touristic season. Practically the entire mall will be fulfilled with MOCs, historical sets in showcases, statues made of LEGO bricks and playground areas.


That is our main event in a commercial area and one of the biggest of that kind in Europe.

I have attached few links with pictures from previous years.







The event is made in cooperation with the Office and the Certified LEGO® Stores and this year will be at the 5th edition.

A team from our side will go there for set up on 10th of August and it will stay until 14th of August. After that two other teams will be there to supervise the event. The set down will be during the night of 27th and 28th.

From our point of view, a team from your side could come in the first three days to set up your MOCs and in the last three days you could stay and set down your works.

Like I said, we agreed with the host to support all the accomodation expenses for a team from your side ( max 3 people) for 6 days. Of course, it is not necessary to be the same people.

For any particular details please ask.

I need the answer soon because the event is during the main touristic season and the host have to know if the reservation for your LUG should be kept. Please answer me until Friday.


Best regards,


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