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[RSS]: Blocks Issue 48 checks out LEGO Voltron: Defender of the Universe

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Blocks Issue 48 checks out LEGO Voltron: Defender of the Universe

The latest issue of Blocks has arrived:

Blocks magazine is travelling around the world to the various LEGO hubs as well as getting hands-on with Voltron, the biggest LEGO mech yet.

In this month’s packed magazine, Daniel Konstanski continues to share stories from his travels to the LEGO Group’s bases in Billund and Enfield. A new mini build demonstrates how to build a less functional, but much cuter version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Elsewhere in Issue 48, Blocks counts down the top ten LEGO artists.

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  • Подобни теми

    • TheNewElementary
      От TheNewElementary
      Voltron is the latest set from LEGO® Ideas. Niek van Slagmaat (pictured below at San Diego ComicCon) designed the set based on the original fan submission by Lendy Tayag (pictured below in the picture in the picture) and you can read our review of the parts here. Meanwhile, Are J. Heiseldal met Niek in Billund to find out how the largest LEGO Ideas set to date came about.

      What kind of response are you expecting from the big Voltron fans when this comes out?

      Niek: I myself come from the fanbase, so if I was looking at this from that point of view, what I would probably immediately check out is whether it matches the original fan submission. We very much wanted to try and get the set as close as possible to the image that the original fan designer submitted. With LEGO, we have very rigorous quality standards, so we have to make sure things are stable and can last for the ages. This model has been going through an incredible amount – I’m fairly sure it’s a record amount – of long-term testing, because it was such a hotly debated topic within the company. But I’ll be mostly looking forward to seeing if people like the proportions, because for me personally, super robots are all about proportions, and for Voltron specifically, because it’s all animation, proportions change a lot from frame to frame. I’ve been working very closely with Lendy Tayag, the fan designer, to check in with him – he really knows his Voltron stuff, so he had a lot of feedback about the head designs for the lions and the general shaping and use of finishing elements like slopes and stuff in certain areas. So I’m very interested to see if they like the general expression of the model, if you like. That’s a very long answer to a very simple question.
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    • Kando
      От Kando
      Дали някой е срещал нещо из дебрите на интернета, което да подскаже кога LEGO планират да пуснат одобрения вече близо от година сет Voltron - Defender Of The Universe от Lego Ideas сайта?
    • LastLegoJedi
      От LastLegoJedi
      Здравейте хора, продавам сглобен Волтрон (21311) с кутията, всички книжки към нея + всички резервни части от комплекта.
      ЦЕНА: 250 лв.

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