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[RSS]: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime: New Elements

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Yesterday LEGO Education announced SPIKE Prime, the newest product in the LEGO Education hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) learning portfolio. They tell us that SPIKE Prime brings together LEGO bricks, a programmable, multi-port Hub, sensors and motors all powered by the SPIKE app based on the Scratch coding language.

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Of particular interest for New Elementary is that SPIKE™ Prime also brings new elements and we have been playing 'spot the new element' in some of the images and videos released by LEGO as part of their announcement yesterday.

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    • Brickset
      От Brickset
      LEGO has just announced a new version of the SPIKE educational robotics platform.
      The main points of interest from an AFOL point of view is that it introduces several new electronic components including a smaller 4-port hub, a 3x3x5 motor and an external 3x3 LED matrix.
      45345 SPIKE Essential Set contains a small hub, two small motors, a light sensor and an LED matrix.In the UK it can be ordered from Raising Robots where it is priced at £277 including VAT. The individual parts have been listed at LEGO Customer Services so will presumably be available to buy separately in due course.
      You can view pictures of the new elements and read the press release after the break.
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    • Brickset
      От Brickset
      Yesterday's announcement of the new LEGO Education platform SPIKE Prime revealed several new elements that are worth examining in closer detail as it's likely that many will find their way into Technic sets in future.
      In fact, one can be purchased from LEGO's replacement parts service already...
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    • legohead
      От legohead

      Споделям с вас кратко резюме на предстоящия курс, който ще стартира през март. Водим го Венци и аз.  

      Най-съществената информация накратко:

      Публична демонстрация
      На 16 март в Национален Политехнически Музей ще покажем на заинтересованите с какво точно ще се занимаваме по време на курса.

      Точния час ще обявим допълнително, вероятно начало 10-11 ч.   Адрес:
      Ул. Опълченска 66

      Участие в курса
      Това е пилотен проект, и участието е отворено. Групата е с 10 места.
      Курса ще включва 8 занятия, с начало 23 март и край 18 май. Ще се провеждат в събота от 16:30 до 18 ч. в сградата на НПТМ.

      Космическо предизвикателство
      Препоръчителна възраст: 13-16 г.
      Участницитеще създават иновативни решения за изследване на космоса.
        По време на курса учениците ще придобият умения за: прецизно движение на програмируем лего робот използването на сензори, с които робота да се ориентира в пространството следване на маркировки реагиране спрямо изменението на околната среда измерване на изминато разстояние В края на курса учениците ще премерят сили в примерно състезание за програмиране на автономни роботи.
    • Brickset
      От Brickset
      LEGO has announced another expansion for its Education theme, SPIKE Prime. This product is intended to aid in the development of basic coding, allowing students to design and program their own models around a multi-port hub.
      Not only does SPIKE Prime introduce a new electronic hub, it also features numerous new Technic elements. These include a 2x4 brick with three axle holes, a 1x3x3 connector beam and a selection of large rectangular beam frames.
      You can read the full press release after the break...
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