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[RSS]: Why the negativity?


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Why the negativity?

Earlier this week the spectacular 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage was revealed. It features the biggest dinosaur LEGO has ever produced, an excellent rendition of the iconic Jurassic Park gate, and a number of new and sought-after minifigures.

CapnRex101 and I saw the set in Billund a few weeks ago and we were blown away. We spoke to its designer Mark Stafford and it was clear that it was a labour of love and that he was justifiably proud of his creation. Personally I can't wait to build and display it.

Yet, the reception it received here and elsewhere was lukewarm, to say the least, and I was very surprised by it. There was so much vitriol being spouted that I had to end commenting on the announcement article.

It seems that people find something to complain about virtually every direct-to-consumer set released, but I'm not really sure why. We really are in a golden age of LEGO, as those like me who can remember the days before the company even acknowledged adults as customers, will attest.

We have bigger, more detailed, more realistically coloured sets containing a range of parts that we could only dream about a few years ago, and an extremely diverse range of subject matter to choose from.

So, why is there such negativity? Is it because there's too much choice? Because of unrealistic expectations? Because the bar has been set high by previous sets? Because people think that every set released should appeal to them?

Can we, as a community, do anything stop it?

I welcome your thoughts in the comments, but please do not discuss perceived issues with the Jurassic Park set, or any other: keep the discussion generic and constructive.

After the break you'll find a complaint checklist, written by CCC and posted in the forum, which I found very apt and amusing. I think some people must be using it already...

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