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[RSS]: Attribution where it's due, please...


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Attribution where it's due, please...

There must be literally hundreds of LEGO news sites out there now, published in a myriad different languages. We are all competing for a scoop on the latest news and to be the first to publish it

Consequently, it's not often that we are the first, but yesterday, when reporting the Inside Tour set, we were.

Having been the first to publish, it's then interesting to see how the news propagates to the other sites and whether they attribute the original source.

It's a pet peeve of mine when sites don't do so. It's very discourteous to the source and I believe discourteous to their readers, too. I guess the reasoning for not doing so is that they don't want their visitors to become aware of other sites that they might read instead of theirs. I always take the time to find who published first and attribute them, and I expect others to do the same.

I'm not likely to be very popular, or garner any praise in the comments for doing this, but I'm going to name and shame, in the hope that the webmasters concerned will do better next time.

So let's see, in order of publication time:

  • Zusammengebaut, a German news site run by my good friend Andres -- attributed Brickset. Thank you.
  • PromoBricks, another German news site -- attributed Brickset. Thank you, Wolfgang.
  • The Brick Fan --attributed Brickset. Thank you, Allen
  • Hoth Bricks, a French news site -- did not attribute Brickset.
  • Bouwsteentjes, a Dutch news site -- attributed Brickset. Thank you
  • HelloBricks, a French news site -- did not attribute Brickset.
  • StoneWars, a German news site -- attributed Brickset. Thank you.
  • BricksFanz, attributed Brickset. Thank you, Adam.

Yet to publish: Toys N Bricks, The Brothers Brick (might not do so), Brick Fanatics.

So, actually, in this instance, it's not too bad.

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