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General Rules and Questions

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The Bulgarian LUG Lebgo would like to wish you happy holidays - and announce the official start of our first international spring contest! The theme of our contest is "The Architecture of Your City" - and whether that would represent the architecture of the streets you walk every day, or the ones that your minifigs live in, is entirely up to you.




*** Terms and Ground Rules ***


With a view to boosting local LUG contacts and helping achieve better cooperation between AFOLs in our area, we would like to invite all LEGO Fans and LUGs from Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria to participate in our contest. The contest officially commences today (22. April 2011) and will conclude on 30. June 2011, 23.00 CET / 00.00 ЕЕТ - which gives you more than two months to consider your architectural plans, do all the sketching and drawing you might need and then build a great entry.


Once done building (and photographing), please submit THREE photos of your entry to LebgoBG@Gmail.com (please double check to make sure you're sending them to the right address). For the entire duration of the contest, this e-mail address will only be accessible to one person, in order to ensure complete anonymity.




*** Participation Conditions ***


The photos you submit should not be watermarked and should be of a MOC which has not been showcased online or at any public event yet. Once your photographs are received, two of those will be uploaded to the official entries thread in our forums. The third photo must show your MOC along with an actual board or a piece of paper designating the following information:

"Entry for the Lebgo Spring Contest + Name of your Entry + the e-mail address you're submitting the entry from and / or your (user)name".


The inclusion of your name or username is optional, but you MUST specify the address from which you're sending us your entry so that we can verify its originality. Also, please do not use photo editing for the inclusion of said information - such entries will not be accepted. We are using this measure to ensure that any attempts to cheat would be easily detectable and restricted to a minimum and are sincerely sorry if that causes you any inconvenience. However, since we are only requesting a minimum amount of information and verification from your side, we do hope that would not be an issue.


The participants can submit only ONE entry for the contest. Whether that entry is one building, a couple of façades, or a full-blown street scene, is entirely up to you, but please consider the following rules:


- There are no restrictions regarding the size of the MOC you submit, however please bear in mind the title of the contest when building your entry.

- All elements in your entry should be built specifically for the contest.

- Your entry should not have been presented online or at events before it is submitted for the contest; and you must not publish any photos of it before the contest is officially concluded.

- Your entry must not be photographed "in context" along with neighboring buildings and/or city layouts that are not considered part of your entry.

- Only one from the three photos should contain a board or piece of paper with the required information (as explained above). The other two photos should only include the MOC with which you participate in the contest.




*** Voting ***


Once the contest is officially over (i.e. 30. June 2011), the photographs of your entries will be reviewed by a judge panel with international participation. LUGs from all of the afore-mentioned countries have been duly notified in advance and invited to put forward their judges. The panel will consist of 6 judges who will review your MOCs in complete anonymity and after the respective distribution of points, the three winners will be officially announced by mid-July. Naturally, no member of the judge panel will be allowed to participate in the contest, and the only person who has complete access to the photographs and information you submit for the contest will not be a part of the judge panel in order to ensure the anonymity of the entries. In case points between MOCs are even after all judges have distributed their points, the entry which was submitted earlier will have precedence.




*** Prizes ***


Last but not least… the prizes. Those are kindly sponsored by the Bulgarian specialized LEGO store BoHobby, which will provide the following prizes for the best three MOCs:




Third place: Coupon for free purchases from the online shop shop.BoHobby.com at the amount of 40,- EUR, including free delivery.


Second place: Coupon for free purchases from the online shop shop.BoHobby.com at the amount of 80,- EUR, including free delivery.


First place: One of LEGO's most gorgeous train sets ever… the 10219 Maersk Train.






You can use this topic for any further queries you might have regarding the contest. We are eagerly looking forward to your entries - and best of luck to all participants!

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  • 2 months later...

Interest in our international contest finally seems to be picking up - and in order to facilitate the building and submission process in the last few days, we have decided to present participants with the opportunity to use one more weekend to work on their entries.

The deadline for submission of entries for the contest is now pushed back to 23.00 CET (00:00 EET) on Sunday night (3 July 2011).

Please do however bear in mind that earlier entries will have precedence in case points are equal after all judges have finished evaluating the entries.

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Lebgo's first international contest has now officially been concluded. A total of 21 LEGO fans from eight Balkan countries have submitted their entries for this competition - and we would like to congratulate each and every participant!

Now the international judge panel will review all entries and determine the winners. The final results and point tallies, as well as the contest winners, will be announced within 10 days from today.

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