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Here's a list of the reviews that we've published recently:


76407 Harry Potter The Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow

The new Shrieking Shack and Whomping Willow are excellent, with great minifigures.

21186 Minecraft The Ice Castle

A fairly unexciting set with little to entice other than the minifigures.

71768 Ninjago Jay's Golden Dragon Motorbike

This motorbike looks suitably aerodynamic, but lacks other distinguishing features.

21333 Ideas Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Unique within the LEGO portfolio, 21333 The Starry Night looks absolutely stunning!

76408 Harry Potter 12 Grimmauld Place

Despite an impressive façade and function, 12 Grimmauld Place feels frustratingly small.

31206 Art The Rolling Stones

The iconic (and sizable) Rolling Stones logo in a great display format

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