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Новини от London Toy Fair 2016


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Прочетох за technic и ми се зави свят направо :)


Ето и списък с очакваните модели:


City – Airport

  • 60104 Passenger Terminal – £79.99
    Blue and grey with new wings.
  • 60100 starter set – £8.99
    4 minifigs
  • 60102 vip service – £39.99
    4 stud wide white limo and a private jet.
  • 60103 airshow – £69.99
    6 minifigs in a stunt show. a couple of red arrow looking planes with a new thin cockpit piece, and a female stunt performer riding an orange bi-plane.
  • 60101 cargo place – £17.99

City – Volcano Explorers

Volcano Explorers theme. Uses the rock/ice pieces as volcanic rock with a crystal element inside. Very lime with some yellow.

  • 60120 volcano starter set – £8.99
  • 60121 exploration truck – £14.99
  • 60122 volcano crawler – £24.99
  • 60123 volcano supply helicopter – £39.99
  • 60124 volcano research base – £79.99
    Comes with a small volcano (built from big ugly rock pieces) with an exploding function, mobile exploration vehicle, mineral analyser drill thing on small caterpillar tracks. the drill piece is a new element.


  • 31049 Dual Rotor Helicopter – £19.99
  • 31051 Cape Lighthouse – £39.99
    Brick built large killer whale. The lighthouse lights up and detaches from the rest of the set.
  • 31052 Vacation Getaways – £49.99
    Big white and blue RV with fold out awning and a brick built bear.
  • 31053 tree house adventures – £24.99


  • 76054 Scarecrow’s harvest of fear – £59.99
    Scarecrow, a farmer, anti-gas Batman and Killer Moth (at last!) features a bat-copter and Scarecrow’s combine harvester vehicle.
  • 76055 Killer Croc’s sewer smash – £69.99
    Bigifg Killer croc (doesn’t look like it has a hinged jaw, and no chains), Captain Boomerang, Red Hood (printed face), Katana
  • 70724 – LEGO jnrs Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor – £29.99
    Nothing new here. grey/blue Batman and old Superman. Lex Luthor with his green armour piece he’s had before.

Disney Princess

  • 41067 Belle’s Enchanted Castle
    Mostly big panels, but some nice printed pieces to make up the various characters. Mrs Pott, Cup, Cogsworth, Lumiere and a removable headpiece for the Beast character.


The second half 2016 sets come with interesting cowl headpieces for the elves.

  • 41177 Precious Crystal Mine – £24.99
  • 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue – £59.99
  • 41178 Dragon Sanctuary – £34.99
  • 41180 Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle


  • 41123 Foal’s Washing Station – £8.99
  • 41124 Puppy Daycare – £24.99
  • 41125 Horse Trailer – £34.99
  • 41126 Horse Riding Club – £49.99
  • 41127 Amusement Park Arcade – £12.99
  • 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride – £17.99
    Uses a friendified version of the classic space logo on a purple/azure ride.
  • 41129 Amusement Park Hot Dog Stand – £24.99
    Has the hot dog buns seen in an angry birds set and a cool looking hot dog shaped vehicle.
  • 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster – £89.99
    Azure rails and 4 figs


  • 76057-Web warrior’s bridge battle – £99.99
    Spiderman, Spider girl, Scarlet spider, aunt May, Green Goblin, Dcorpion. Comes with a NY taxi falling through a hole in a bridge.
  • 76058 – Ghost Rider team up – £19.99
    Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin’s jet thing and a huge bike (about the size of wyldstyle’s bike) for Ghost Rider. Normal chain pieces in trans flame colour.
  • 76059 Doc Ock’s tentacle trap – £44.99
    Spiderman, Doc Ock (classic), White Tiger, Captain Stacey (with the 12th doctor’s hair), Vulture
    and giant Doc Ock mech
  • Unnumbered Doctor Strange set – £34.99
    Vignette – style build set in doctor strange’s lab. with bookshelves, a table, and a portal with a red tentacled demon beast coming through. sanctum sanctorum probably. Can’t tell which minifigs, but someone holding a chain with a trans orange radar dish, and someone holding two fans.

Nexo Knights

Continues to be really creative builds and good characters with nice app integration.

  • 70318 The Glob Lobber – £7.99
  • 70319 Macy’s Thunder Mace – £17.99
  • 70320 Aaron’s Aero Striker – £29.99
    This looks and functions like a hand-held crossbow.
  • 70321 General Magmar’s Siege Machine – £34.99
  • 70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier
    The tower flies off and a catapult comes out.
  • 70323 Jestro’s Volcano Lair – £99.99
    A red and black demonic castle looking thing with various traps. 4 minifigs.
  • 70336 Ultimate Axl – £6.99
  • 70337 Ultimate Lance – £6.99
  • 70338 Ultimate General Magmar – £6.99
  • 70339 Ultimate Flama – £6.99
    With a flame leg-replacement piece that looked new.


Has a day of the departed theme. Everyone is celebrating the fallen goodies and baddies, and the baddies decide to resurrect. suitably ridiculous plot.

  • 70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler – £24.99
  • 70589 Cole’s Rock Raider – £34.99
  • 70591 Kryptarium Breakout – £17.99
  • 70592 Ronin Mec – £34.99
  • 70593 Lloyd’s Green Dragon – £39.99
  • 70594 Lighthouse Siege Defense – £59.99
  • 70595 Stealth Raider 2.0 – £79.99
    Rebuild of an earlier set where a huge white vehicle can split into 4 vehicles.

Star Wars

A bit of a letdown this year, with repeated builds and uninspired new vehicles from the lego sw tv show. Lots of minifigs here were obscured and/or not named, including on the calendar.

  • 75145 Eclipse Fighter – £34.99
    2 minifigs
  • 75147 Star Scavenger – £49.99
    4 minifigs, comes with a salvage mini vehicle.
  • 75148 Encounter on Jakku – £49.99
    The scene from Force Awakens where Teedo on a Luggabeast snares BB-8 (that’s a ridiculous sentence). comes with Unkar Plutt, Rey, BB-8, Teedo and a brick built luggabeast.
  • 75149 Resistance x-wing fighter – £79.99
    4 minifigs. basically a recolouring of 75102
  • 75150 Darth Vadar’s Tie Advanced – £29.99
    Comes with a solid looking tie advanced and an A-wing that shoots. 4 minifigs.
  • 75151 clone turbo tank – £99.99
    built-in handle and some decent suspension. 6 minifigs.
  • 75147 Captain Rex’s AT-TE walker – £99.99
    5 minifigs. complete rebuild from previous versions. more robust.


  • 42053 Volvo EW – £69.99
    Pneumatic digger
  • 42054 Class Xerion 5000 Trac – £119.99
    Looks like it comes with new huge tires.
  • 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator – £179.99
    Largest ever technic set at over 3000 pieces
  • 42056 Confidential Technic Ultramotive – £249.99
    Some front-engined confidential sportscar

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О да и аз го четох това и ми потекоха лигите....


Току що пуснаха и за DC Super Heroes: http://brickset.com/article/18856/London-Toy-Fair-report-DC-Super-Heroes

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More sets for my collection! :) Изненадаха м приятно, мислех че сетовете ще са по-малки :)

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42054 (...) It comes with new wheels which are massive.


Леко претръпнах като прочетох думите "tyres" и "massive"

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Дааа днес цял ден ми текът лигите...

Ще си отиде поне още една заплата...

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Ми ако поспекулираме, до сега сетове с по 1800-2000 части са около 180 евра, този с неговите 3900 трябва да отива към 350-380 евра, което малко ме учудва. Доста рискован ход, т.к. масовата публика няма да е доволна от цената, само закоравяли маниаци като нас ще си го вземат...До сега поне са залагали именно на умерени цени, за да може да се продава като топъл хляб и ще ми хареса, ако в бъдеще видим и по-големи сетове. В крайна сметка това е техник и машинариите може да са доста масивни, 4К части звучи доста добре и дано всяка година пускат поне един такъв...Тухларите си имат ексклузив, Стар Уорс също, че и лимитед, крайно време е и Техник серията да се сдобие с малко ВИП осанка :)

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за мен най-интересното е че лятото ще има 1 огромен и 2 големи:


Миньорския изкопвач + трактора и ексклузивното порше.


Струва ми се че толкова много ГОЛЕМИ сетове за 1 година не е имало?


Иначе да, споделям коментара на Андрю - досега не са се престрашавали да пуснат толкота скъп Техник сет. Надали ще се продава в големи бройки. Учуди ме че за парите си получаваш МНОГО части и само 1 мотор + кутия за батерии.

Последните години тенденцията не беше съвсем такава

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Така е ще са по-скъпи, но пък изглеждат много добре. Дано се продават добре за да има стимул да правят още такива модели.

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да, и аз на това се надявам :)


Много бих се радвал да пуснат още големи модели като това копачното ...


Интересно ще е ако пуснат инструкции как ако си купиш 2 такива можеш да сглобиш някакъв огромен робот. Основата с веригите да са му краката например :))

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